I wish

someone could take this pain from me. 

I need:

to be cuddled,

a self care haircut and deep tissue massage,

a fucking day off,

and for the person who hurt me to validate my feelings.


15 poewrful Jose Mujica quotes no other leader has the guts to say

"Modest yet bold, liberal and fun-loving."

Naming Uruguay the country of the year in 2013, the Economist may very well have described the rising nation’s head of state, President José “Pepe” Mujica.

Known for his unusual frankness, fiery oration and bold leadership to turn ideas into action, the 78-year-old leader possesses and practices the very characteristics that many world leaders fail to emulate. He has also garnered international acclaim for his progressive policies, down-to-earth personality and simple presentation, which has earned him a reputation as “the world’s poorest president.”

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"Not all police are bad," they say.


"Not all police are bad," they say. Until these so-called "good" police start publicly coming out and speaking out and forcefully condemning the epidemic of terrorism that their cohorts are inflicting on this nation’s oppressed communities, nobody can be faulted for stating that all police are brutish thugs. "If you see something, say something," the police tell us. I say, why don’t you fuckers practice what you preach and stop covering up each others’ crimes?

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